Requesting a quote at least four weeks before the moving day is recommended.

However, we usually can always accommodate moves with less notice.

Within one working day, often less.

Items like flammable liquids, explosives, toxins, firearms, and corrosives cannot be moved.

Bank transfers, online payments, and various cards can be used to make payments.

Ideally, around two weeks' notice is preferred. However, we can often arrange things with a few days notice.

Long-distance moves have a higher risk of damage, and we always recommend independent removal insurance.

Check with your destination state's Department of Primary Industries.

Removalists would prefer not to move them due to the mess and the high likelihood of damage, but we can undoubtedly assist in some circumstances.

Sorry, no, as this is classed as a flammable item.

Yes, to prevent them from getting dirty. This is highly recommended.

No, as it increases the risk of damage and loss.

Via this link, you can bring up your original list of items and make changes, and we can re-price for you https://interstate-removals.moveroo.com.au/