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Interstate Removals is Australia’s trusted name in relocation services, spanning the country. Committing to ensuring hassle-free moves, they provide expert care, handling each item carefully. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist, making every move seamless. Whether you’re relocating a home or office, Interstate Removals is your go-to solution for all moving needs.

Interstate Removalists

Backloading is a more budget-friendly method of moving interstate. With a backload your move is worked into our schedule to fit in with what other work we are already booked in for. By providing us with a little flexibility on the date/time we collect and drop off, you can end up saving yourself hundreds on your moving costs. This is also a great option if you’re only doing a smaller move where the exact collection and drop-off dates are not as rigid. Perfect if you’re sending something to a friend, or someone has bought something online etc.

Customer Testimonials

Quick Process For Booking

My booking came back fast, the car carrier showed up as requested.

I had no problems with booking over the phone.

Great service again,

Thanks for Helping.

Non running car

My car was non-drivable, however, this could be moved with them.

A few simple questions and they had a quote back within an hour.

I then Booked over the phone, the car was collected within the specified 48 hours as per their website, Will be a return customer.

Moved Car To Darwin

The staff were great to deal with, had a large older model car, but they could quote this for me and I moved the car to Darwin, good thing with them is that they also give you a track and trace. So you can see where your car is at all times.

Backloading Removalists

If you are moving interstate with everything you own, then your best bet is to book an interstate removalist to get the job done for you. Packing a truck full of your furniture and personal items is a job best left to the professionals to ensure that the items being moved are packed securely and will arrive in the same condition they left in.

We have interstate removalist services available from all major cities almost every day of the week and are also available on all major routes servicing smaller areas between the capitals. We recommend getting yourself booked a couple of weeks ahead on this service to ensure that we can do exactly what you need when you need us to do it for you.

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Car Transport

Getting your car moved through a Car Transport service is a great alternative to driving huge distances yourself. It greatly reduces the wear and tear driving thousands of kilometres can do to your vehicle. It’s also often actually a cheaper option when you account for the cost of fuel, food, accommodation etc.

Our car transportation services are available 5 days a week in the majority of the country. So long as you give us at least a few day's notice for collection, you can get your car picked up and moving exactly when you need it done. This service is also great when you’re buying a car since it saves you travelling interstate or long distances to then drive the car back home.